inspiration vi: Antigenitalist Offensive/ inspiração vi: ofensiva anti-genitalista



The genitalistic dogma [“person (born) with a penis = man / person (born) with a vagina = woman” = the genital is the center of a persons sex/gender] is part of a repressive, patriarchal mechanism deeply rooted in our society and analog to the heliocentric dogma (“the earth is the centre of the universe”) from the medieval times. It is also violently defended by a bundle of naturalistic fallacies to protect the supposedly “natural” privileges of a group of persons.

Among other things we attack this repressive genitalistic “world order” by direct political actions, by spreading information and texts, and by supporting and declaring our solidarity with emancipatory people and groups who also fight against this specific kind of pluralistic oppression they suffer from.
Therefore our political main group is called the Antigenitalistische Offensive (Berlin).

We support actions against psychiatry, genital mutilations of so-called “intersexual” children, pathologization of men and women who are/were wrong assigned at birth and people of every sex that is oppressed and made illegal and unaccepted by all states in this corrupt world.
Like any other oppressor, fashist and/or defetist – don´t blame our bodies/genes – blame your propaganda and your normative education-programm!

We interpretate the categorization and generalisation of people, genders and bodies as “trans”, “cis” or “inter” as a massive part of this normative repression. We reject these categories totally because we made the experience that “trans” or “inter” is normally meant to be used as an accepted excuse to act in a mean, tolerant and exorbitant way towards repressed and unaccepted persons or groups or to keep a privelegue against these that is not fair nor acceptable.

We also see that if a person or body is called “trans” or “inter” and not “cis”, this logically implies that something about this person or body is not correct or “in the right position” (logic of the word). We are fed up of this and look through this verbal discrimination and degradation of us, our bodies and outward appearances, also by people suffering under the same oppression. So we think, there is no need to support these categories and points of view, created by hateful and prejudice-driven psychiatrists and sexologists (look who created and invented the categories and words “transsexual”, “transgender” even as “intersexual”  and still benefits from them financially and because of having dependend “patients”), if you need to talk about this kind of oppression, it is quite enough to differentiate between “wrong assigned” and “right assigned” persons.

Like in other forms of oppression, it doesn´t matter, if someone (or some institution or state) discriminates you because he does not like your face, your nose or your art of speaking, it is just important, which kind of oppression or prejudice he uses. Thinking or categorising people in the same way like an oppressor does (f.e. in nationalities, skincolours or even genitals, hair, …) means to have accepted this way of  oppression and oppressive justification, yet. And we do not do this.

So we will not support anyone who still (foreign-) categorises us or our friends in categories like “trans” or “inter” in any form. We think that it is important to show the world that it is as easy as needful to write, think and act without human categories like “trans*”, “inter*” and “cis*” because these categories are just here to build, stabilise and justify prejudices, distance and traditional oppression that does not need to exist between us human beeing.

BUT OF COURSE WE ACCEPT ANY SELF-DEFINITION OF ANYONE WHO USES ANY TERM TO DESCRIBE *SELF (even as we accept anyone describing *self as a bitch, nigger, faggot, she-male or psycho). Everyone has the right to define *self as whatever * likes and we will not force anyone to use the same words to describe *self as we think it would be correct in general.

We support the political emancipation of anyone, underground-art, anarchist actions, Anti- N.W.O.-actions, animal liberation and so on. We support the underground. But only the underground stuff we like…

Antigenitalistic Rrrriot is our D.I.Y.netlabel.

We will organise parties, we support and release different kinds of audio also as video stuff. If you like to support us, connect or book us, contact us via:



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